It’s Burning

Sometimes I wish 

I did not have this gift

Of feeling too deeply 

Or caring this much. 

When I close my eyes 

I see it 

Burning, roaring flames

Consuming life ravenously. 

When will it be satisfied?

The pain in my heart

Is the pain of this planet

The collective cry 

Of millions of animals,

Humans and trees

Reminding us 

We don’t deserve what we have.


The teachers say 

“Stay present”.

As rain washes down my window 

The sky transformed 

From ominous gray 

To tears pouring 

Down and out 

Washing the world clean. 

Hard-hitting drops

Reverberate against cement 

The sky’s released anguish

Echoes across the street. 

I close the windows 

And the roar becomes a trickle.

But pain demands to be felt 

It does not like to be shut out.

Would it be better

To shout at the rain?

Tell it to go away 

And stop ruining my day?

Or lie down in puddles till

I’m soaked and refuse 

To get dry?

Or to just sit and watch

Quiet and patient 

Waiting for it 

To pass by.

Full Moon

Gliding along smooth glass

Kayak cutting sharp lines through dark silk. 

Rippling with star shine 

Glowing with algae 

Here where the world is untouched 

Where nature holds space 

A glittering jewel 

Peeking out of the sea. 

The light of the full moon 

Ripples over the humming inlet

The diamond atop

A diadem of pines 

Shadowed against the night sky. 

Illuminating all she touches 

With cool, silver glow

Blessing travelers, artists, 

Lost souls

Who gaze at her for guidance 

Dropping a light kiss on their forehead.

The Road

I know it is a long journey
To where I need to get.

I see a road lay before me,
Of dirt and rock
And hard terrain.
I see mountains
I will climb and look
Out over the wide
and lush land
With love in my heart.

I see rivers I will cross
With wild water and
Slippery stones
Where I will lose my footing
And rushing, churning
Current reaches
past my head

I may gasp for air
But I will not drown.

I see rustling leaves
Lining the road
Trees, flowers, grass
Bird’s song alongside
My own
As footsteps pound
A rhythm to the ground.

I see heavy winter coating
Of snow and slippery ice
A quiet, white world
With only echoes
And tracks of life.

I can’t run ahead,
I can’t cut across
I have no wheels
I have no horse
I can only walk.

When I cannot walk
I will crawl.
When I cannot crawl
I will rest.

Hoping, maybe
Knowing certainly
What is waiting
At the end.

Loving U

The way he loves me-
Makes me love myself.
I know that’s not
How it’s supposed to go-
“You have to love yourself
Before you can be loved”

Love forces revealing,
Stripping, pulling back
The layers of false perfection
That lay heavy around the heart,
Each time a whisper
“Do you still love me?”
“Will you love me even if-”

Lying close by, eye to eye
You can’t hide.
And when I introduce him
To every ugly and bitter angle
If he could love them,
Why can’t I?
To him I am imperfect –
Beautiful and enough.

I tried so hard to love myself
Like the books tell you to:
“Love and acceptance”.
But loving him
Became loving me,
And so many repetitions
Of words and phrases
Mean nothing compared
To standing naked
In light
In front of a person
“Here I am.
Love me – I dare you.”