What’s the use

What’s the use of reading

When there are no trees for printed pages?

What’s the use of films

With nothing to watch them on?

What’s the use of shelter

When there is no ground to build upon?

What’s the use of water

That we can’t drink but drown?

What’s the use of breathing

With no air left to inhale?

What’s the use of living

If we destroy ourselves first?

It’s Burning

Sometimes I wish 

I did not have this gift

Of feeling too deeply 

Or caring this much. 

When I close my eyes 

I see it 

Burning, roaring flames

Consuming life ravenously. 

When will it be satisfied?

The pain in my heart

Is the pain of this planet

The collective cry 

Of millions of animals,

Humans and trees

Reminding us 

We don’t deserve what we have.