My Cleansing Experience part 2

Day 6: Why do I feel the compulsive “need” to finish my food? Like I won’t be able to eat it tomorrow? Why does each meal feel like the last meal on Earth and I should get in as much as I can? That’s how I felt last night, after eating some *delicious* curry. The… Continue reading My Cleansing Experience part 2


Into the Dark: 4th day of fasting

Hello, here is an update for last night and today, Day 4 In the evening when I was going to sleep, I felt a lot of nausea and headache but listened to frequencies to relieve them (Quadible Integrity on Youtube, it’s seriously healing). I couldn’t fall asleep for a while, so I had a little… Continue reading Into the Dark: 4th day of fasting

My Cleansing Experience part 1

Hi, I’m back! (again). Sorry I’ve been silent. I’ve been exploring and growing and taking space. Healing on quantum levels and feeling into many different timelines and soul fragments. This has been a beautifully revealing process, letting go into love and surrendering to whatever emotion I’m meant to feel. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s… Continue reading My Cleansing Experience part 1