Hello fellow Earthlings! Everyone has been talking about this great conjunction happening TOMORROW on 12/21, that also coincides with the winter solstice. This great Jupiter and Saturn conjunction is being theorized to usher in the new Age of Aquarius, mark Earth's transition between 3D and 5D, and many other speculations. I'm not sure what to… Continue reading 12:21

Big moves

Hello friends! It’s been very difficult to sit down and write something in the past few weeks. Just about two weeks ago my boyfriend and I moved to New York City! This transition has been incredible, stressful and thrown me off kilter a bit (which it’s apt to do). There has been a big change… Continue reading Big moves

Weekend in Vilnius

Spent a lovely weekend reconnecting with my cultural roots, dancing folk dances all night, speaking my native language (ha lies English and Lithuanian are both) My brother decided to do a little European vacation and go to Lithuania to see "Skamba skamba kankliai" this folk music festival we used to participate in as kids every… Continue reading Weekend in Vilnius