When she’s gone

Do you remember her?

We never really thought of her too much. 

The quiet girl in the back of the class 

She spoke in breathtaking whispers 

And lived in her own rhythms.

We hurt her, we bullied her

Picked at her skin and left her with bruises 

Stole her precious things, her strange

Jewels and the life and brightness 

From her skin. 

She was the best brutal entertainment, 

Never running out 

Of ways to terrorize and strip her

Of everything she was 

Till one day

She was gone 

And we didn’t know what to do. 

Believe it or not, I loved her. 

The way she smelled of fresh rain, 

Of soil and water releasing 

Running down her fingers and legs 

That girl was so much water. 

I loved the things she made,

Delicately and intricately arranging 

A canvas of beauty for no one to see

Not for the purpose of being seen,

she made it for us. 

Gave unselfishly and endlessly 

But we always took too much. 

I heard of a man who went digging for oil. 

Plunged his fingers deep into her caves

Ignoring her screams and cries,

He ripped out all he could 

Leaving her empty and torn in two

Shaking in pain.

Even as we begged him to stop 

All of us stood by watching,

The hideous bystanders 

Shocked and quiet 

No one dared disrupting.

She gave me a space for my feet

To feel something beneath me and around me 

That was bigger than myself.

She gave me rest for my body 

To lay down and be held 

In her soothing arms,

She gave me a home to have 

Without questions or conditions 

She gave me food and water,

Life to nurture 

To fill me up, hold me down 

And hold me together.

I loved her so much 

And I just want to tell her 

Before she’s gone,

When without her 

we won’t know what to do. 


Say goodbye to coffee, darling.

Say goodbye to bitter morning whispers 

And the warm comfort 

Of round mugs pressed into cold hands,

Steamy and bodied and bold,

However you like it.

Say goodbye to tingles of electricity 

Racing down your spine,

Autumn afternoons in cafés 

Just Watching people pass by 

All in line praying 

To our saint caffeinated

We could never live without –

Say goodbye.

This is not a metaphor.

Say goodbye to water, darling.

Cool and crisp, the most delicious 

Wave to a drowning man

Soothing red and raspy throats 

Parched under the flaming sun,

Say goodbye to the liquid 

Of our arteries, churning stomach 

Washing through us 

Carrying away our toxins –

Say goodbye.

Watch the water creep towards us 

Turning brown and rotten

Inching up the shoreline 

Right up to your toes 

How else will you see 

How far it goes?

I am in love

I am in love

With the way the sun

Caresses the sea

With gentle kisses.

The way the moon dances

On the skin

Of wanderers, dreamers

And lost souls.

I am in love

With the way the air

Embraces our every moment

Cradling our bodies

In time creating space.

I am in love

With the way the Earth

Rotates for us

Bathing us in dark and light

Never stopping to ask

If we deserve

What we are given. 

I am in love

With the life that emerges

From hidden and forgotten spaces

Cracks of green in gray cement

Life cannot keep

From living again.

I am in love

With hearts that beat fast

breath caught in throats

And eyes wide

Trying to capture

The vast and infinite universe 

Expanding around us

Caught in a single moment

Of synchronicity and perfection 

When we see everything

As small and vast

As ourselves,

No boundaries or edges

No pixel out of place

  • I am in love.

What’s the use

What’s the use of reading

When there are no trees for printed pages?

What’s the use of films

With nothing to watch them on?

What’s the use of shelter

When there is no ground to build upon?

What’s the use of water

That we can’t drink but drown?

What’s the use of breathing

With no air left to inhale?

What’s the use of living

If we destroy ourselves first?



Is a complex illusion – 

One where we think 

That we have no control,

Where we believe

That we are not creators 

Of what we believe. 

Reality is what you make of it –

Choose to believe in it or not, 

Choose to be a pawn of fate

Or the hand that pushes across the board. 

Either way – you are always choosing.

Learn to be a co-creator,

Whisper secret desires

And watch the seeds

You planted flower. 


Home is in the smell 

After a long journey 

Climbing up the same 

Narrow staircase,

Peeling and chipped steps. 

The welcome scent 

That has grown strange

As a distant memory.

Home is where love surrounds you,

Enveloping and washing away 

The sore and ache

Carried from worlds away. 

Sometimes home

Is not the material construction

But the embrace 

Of arms that envelop, protect 

And at last again 

You feel safe. 

We of the World

We of the world- 

Seduced by pleasures.

Enthralled by our image


In funhouse mirrors, 

Ballooning up to twice our size,

Twisted, contorted

The self reflected on all sides

Ground to sky.

We of the world – 

Drinking poison,

As we laugh in that frightened way

To reassure ourselves 

That everything is fine.

That creeping slowly 

Up our spines –

Is doubt 

That we are meant 

To live this way.

Panic nipping at our heels 

Pushing us forwards, 

Faster. Bigger. Greater. 

More contorted 

Looming larger

Expanding to all sides 

Rapid and radically unchained 

Like a massive balloon inflating 

Darkening the sky – 

But a single pinprick – 

And poof! We fly