Todays’ the day! Welcome to a new Community

Hello there Fellow Earthlings!

I have some very exciting news to share with you! As I mentioned before, I’ve been working on a project that is going to grow exponentially even just from this jumping off point. For the past 5 years (and my whole life really) I’ve been on a spiritual journey, one that has propelled me through dark nights of the soul, beautiful bright realizations, openings and crazy experiences. Throughout all of this, I felt really alone. Especially in the beginning. I didn’t understand what was happening to me, thought I was going crazy, and the people around me just couldn’t relate to what I was going through. As I committed myself more and more to healing, and less to the surface levels things that govern our society, I started losing friends and acquaintances at a rapid rate. At many different points it felt like the ground was falling out from beneath my feet, a true tower moment if you will, which I realize was propelling me to where I am now.

But the moments that truly catapulted my growth and gave me a sense of belonging in this lonely world, was meeting people who were going through the same thing. Finding soul friends, family and a community that was also committed to healing, growing and loving. Actually being able to talk and share my experiences, with complete validation and understanding, opened up a warmth unlike any other. For so long I’ve been a lone wolf, and this is a necessary stage of growth, but now that I have my soul tribe around me (digitally) there’s no turning back. The depth of relationship that can be cultivated on a soul, emotional, mental and physical level can be profound. Coming home and finding the beings your soul already knows is a fabulous reunion.

That’s why I created The Starseed Network. An online community/forum/platform for spiritually awakening people to share their experiences, grow, and learn from one another. The purpose of this is to help YOU find your soul family, to feel less alone in your journey, and get resources to guide you. We have a team of people in different places on their journey, from different backgrounds and parts of the world, sharing their experiences and insights. We’re curating weekly events, group meets, meditations, open mics, to help you showcase and share your unique gifts. This space is only going to grow from here, connecting spiritual healers/practitioners to potential clients and offering courses/workshops on a variety of topics.

If you’re ready to join the ground floor of something truly unique and exciting, here’s the link to our Mighty Networks Community:

To read more of our content and learn about this project here is our site:

I hope to see you there, and till then

Much love,

beautiful beings ❤


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