Big Movements and BEing

Hello fellow Earthlings!

Happy New Moon! Hoping you all had a restful and healing New Moon last night, which was also said to be the luckiest day of the year! Perfect time to set intentions, rest and find space to rethink things or just BE. I came across this passage from the book Initiation by Elisabeth Haich, and it resonated with me:

“Realization means being something. For as long as we think about something or talk about it, we aren’t being it. You can think about a cat, or about a lion, but that doesn’t mean by any manner of means that you have achieved realization, that you have become a cat or a lion. Likewise, you can think about yourself without being your divine, creative self! To think something is to be separated from it. For if you send out a single thought, you – the thinker – are connected only by thinking with the object of your thought. You are connected with it, but not identical with it.”

This struck me as very important to keep in mind as we set intentions and manifest what we desire on this Earth. Everyone emphasizes the importance of thinking positively and attracting what you desire through thought, but I’m learning now the most important piece is to BE, feel, and resonate with the frequency of what it is that you want to attract. To experience viscerally, in the full body, full consciousness sense, the things you want to be or heal. 

In this journey I’ve learned the most effective, permanent and profound way to heal is on a quantum level. Following a thought to its root, following that root to a metasoul piece, a soul pattern playing out in multiple timelines, and heal it with the aid of my higher dimensional guides. I’m learning to embody this process, and even learning to be a facilitator of this process for others in the future. 

Just in time for this New Moon phase, I felt called to record and share a guided meditation to connect with your own soul pieces and higher dimensional guides. This meditation will guide you through activating, cleansing and opening your consciousness with high vibrational light, then meeting Divine Masculine and Feminine guides to support you on your journey, along with your gatekeeper, the key holder to the veil and your past lives. Try this meditation and let me know how it goes! If you fall asleep, it is working perfectly and you are opening to a higher consciousness. Sometimes we have to lose consciousness to shift and transform. The more you do it the more it will open you up, and trust your Divine TIming in the process if you are not yet ready to explore your metasoul and past lives, your gatekeeper knows what is best for you.

Here is the link:

I also wanted to mention and announce something very exciting!! Some soul friends and I are in the process of creating a network and community for spiritually awakening people to connect online! It will be a website and Mighty Networks space with resources on the awakening process holistically, with insights from people on various stages of their journey. In the Mighty Networks space we’ll be hosting events, open mics, group meditations, and giving space for any and all to share and receive guidance and support, The Starseed Network will be launching on February 28th and I hope to see you all there! 

This blog is more of a fun side project for me to express myself, and I’ll be moving most of my content to this new space and sharing my poetry/reflections/articles on there along with some other fabulous writers and beings! 

In the meantime, happy astral travels my friends! 

Be well ❤


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