Guided meditation

Hello fellow Earthlings!

How are we doing? it’s intense out there, huh.

This is an especially potent time in the midst of Mercury Retrograde and the upcoming New Moon to release, activate and cleanse our emotional bodies. It almost feels like we’re taking 2 steps back (3 steps forward 2 steps back) in order to reflect and go over any lessons we still have to fully learn and process to heal. So don’t worry if you find yourself in old wounds that you thought were fully healed, or reminiscing or longing for things.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you my first guided meditation! The quality is not perfect (it’s my first time doing this lol) but I hope you enjoy it and find some peace here ❤

There are definitely more to come! (aka this week!) so make sure to subscribe to stay up to date 🙂


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