Hello fellow Earthlings!

Everyone has been talking about this great conjunction happening TOMORROW on 12/21, that also coincides with the winter solstice. This great Jupiter and Saturn conjunction is being theorized to usher in the new Age of Aquarius, mark Earth’s transition between 3D and 5D, and many other speculations. I’m not sure what to think, but I do feel the grandness and energy of this powerful portal coming up.

In that spirit, I woke up this morning with a knowing that it’s time for me to start living on light. It’s time for me to start cleaning and clearing my physical and light bodies to take on this shift. For the past few months, since I moved to NYC, I’ve been feeling a bit disconnected from my spirituality, my feminine side, and finding comfort and indulgence in 3D food. Going through all this turmoil, polarity, and the density of the environment I’ve been in, I’m finding myself starved for beauty and nature and most of all SUNSHINE. I miss so much the days in Spain when almost every day was sunny and I could walk down to the beach and stare into the crashing waves, feeling them cleanse and wash away all my aches. For these reasons, I’m leaving New York. Although I’ve loved it here, and met some incredible new friends, and had a wealth of experiences even in the short time I’ve been here, it’s not the moment or the place. My soul is screaming for sun, sea and warmth. I’ve also been feeling into this shame and guilt surrounding eating, or overeating. This place promotes these habits, as well as many others. I’ve been eating whatever I want, sugar and caffeine and things that make my body feel badly. They also make me feel disconnected from my light body. I have to acknowledge that this phase was necessary for me to feel into and realize what I need, but here is a writing that came out of me today, and parts of it feel channeled from my Higher Self:

It’s time for me to release. It’s time for me to burn and sweat away everything that is holding my light body down. It’s time to acknowledge the density I’ve been ingesting in such large quantities, not from a place of guilt or shame but quiet acknowledgement. Yes, I have not been serving my light body to the best of my ability lately. I have been feeling unworthy. I’ve been eating things that not only harm my physical body, but also my emotional and light bodies. It’s time to make a change. A change that I am more than capable of. 

To step into and fully feel this shift, I have to cleanse. I have to let go of the clogged up cells, DNA, and foggy sleepy sense that comes from this dense 3D food. I don’t need it. My light body can thrive on energy, sunlight and salt baths. I have to feed myself this way from now on. Three meals a day: sungazing, energy bathing and bathing in salts. These are the 3 non negotiable keys for me to embody my light body and living on light. 

then this came through from my Higher Self:

Slow down. You can. There will be room for it. There will be room for you to ease into your new, beautiful reality that is waiting for you. Don’t concern yourself with how long it takes, or how uncomfortable it may be. This time is different. This time you KNOW your soul is meant to live on light, and you are fulfilling your destiny and letting your soul lead this choice. It’s time for it. Just the same as it was the time for you to indulge in gluttony, looking to food for comfort, safety and joy, and realizing that it NEVER fulfills any of those needs. Food is not comfort, food is not safety, and food is not joy. Those things all come from inside. 3D food will ultimately separate you from the things you wanted to feel, that you were seeking through chewing and swallowing density into your body. It will be uncomfortable, yes, but you are past discomfort. You are immune to it. The growing love and care within you will take care of your symptoms, and you’re ready to feel those symptoms again and the reality of your ongoing ascension process. You’ve always been home, but now it’s time to feel it in your physical body here in 3D, which is now becoming 5D. You can’t bring these things with you. You can’t bring half asleep, sluggishness, or unworthiness with you. You’re surrendering those things right now to the fire. They burn away and you sweat out the toxins of your previous reality. Things are changing on a profound, cellular level, and you know this. You have to make room for these activations. Your body needs space, light, and love. 


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