Big moves

Hello friends!

It’s been very difficult to sit down and write something in the past few weeks. Just about two weeks ago my boyfriend and I moved to New York City! This transition has been incredible, stressful and thrown me off kilter a bit (which it’s apt to do). There has been a big change in energies, from the moon line running through Maine triggering my emotions and deep inner exploration (I have recently discovered astrocartography) to the Jupiter lines of partnership, business connections and prosperity that have engulfed me in New York. Already, I’m meeting the right people, finding opportunities, and calibrating myself to different frequencies. The city feels electric and dense, the first moments when we arrived I felt so excited and inspired by the energy here. It’s still very strange to step out of my door into the center of Manhattan, with so much movement and chaos all around. But the more we explore, get to know our surroundings and slowly get used to them, the more I see myself able to stay here for a while. I feel so much potential and lessons to learn, and the Jupiter lines are a welcome change after (I realize now) 3 STRAIGHT YEARS of living in powerful moon energies (between Barcelona and Maine). Which explains why these past 3 years have felt like deep soul searching and karmic lessons playing out. For those of you who are possibly very confused right now, astrocartography is basically the study of the positions of the planets around the Earth when you were born and how that affects different places you may live or travel to. It shows the different energetic lines running through the Earth and how they correspond to your birth time and location to give you insights on how certain locations may affect you. I found out the places where I have GREAT energy are mostly tropical (point taken). My sun line is in zenith in Puerto Rico, and I really want to go there as soon as possible and see how I feel there. There are so many places I’m dying to explore and visit, I just ache to live a remote online gypsy life, traveling the world and working online. 

This all sounds lovely now, but I have to tell you last week was ROUGH. I was deeply triggered while exploring a past life in Avalon, of a woman who was a priestess and did something horrible to fall from grace. There was so much energy of the wounded feminne and inability to accept forgiveness, which was a hard part to work with. I found myself fused to her energy sometimes, wanting to be alone and scorn men forever. There was a deep conflict between the masculine and feminine, more of which is being brought up to be healed in the wake of my discovery of my inner sacred union. I’m exploring more on this soon and will give you a more detailed picture.

Now I’m enjoying those few sacred moments between the heart of healing, when my head is somewhat clear and I feel alright. Those moments are precious and sacred in 2020, when every week it feels like a new trauma to face and a new aspect to heal, but I also have to respect my human body and my life here in the physical. For some reason I feel guilty taking a break, but that’s my inner maniac begging to get back home, when in reality we already are home. Cosmic confusion is coming soon, so I urge you all to take a few minutes to get grounded. 

Much love, beautiful beings


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