What if…

In honor of this beautiful, transformative full moon in Pisces, I wrote this poem for you. I haven’t written poetry in a while actually, so it’s a bit clunky and I’m getting warmed up again. This full moon has been feeling kind of like a culmination and invitation to start embodying my “harvest season”. Harvesting all the love and abundance from this deep inner work I’ve been entrenched in. It feels like a graduation ceremony in a way. These past months have been so much “bliss mess”, ups and downs, stunning realizations, traumas to confront and big lessons to learn. Now I feel things kind of slowing down, grounding in, and really integrating into my being. In a few weeks I’m moving to a new city and starting a new life, which will be a wonderful new adventure of change and growth. So it feels really good right now to take stock of how far I’ve come, appreciate this sacred journey of healing, and embody my soul purpose.

ALSO exciting news!!! I’m posting a new YouTube video tonight, where I’ll be talking a bit more about my ascension process in quarantine, past lives and meeting my star family. I’m going to start making YouTube videos a lot more consistently and frequently (every Wednesday) because it feels like a part of my purpose. I want to create a community and safe space for star seeds, like-minded people, and share our spiritual and healing journeys! I definitely feel that as a 21 year old, I’m missing having connections with other spiritual people who are closer to my age, even though I KNOW that my generation is full of star seeds, change-makers, and future teachers. It just makes so much sense that these beautiful souls would want to be here now to guide and help humanity ascend.

Here’s the link to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnSJoQ03OnLhdCfQGjgezaA?view_as=subscriber

so without further ado, heres’s my September 2nd Full Moon poem:

What if we arrived in each moment

And brought every part of ourselves

What if those little doubts trickling in the back of our minds

Were not weeds to be pulled and tossed aside

But delicate seedlings thirsty for love?

What if you illuminated

Every corner of your being

And saw all the crooked, half-formed

Aches and demons

Grumbling from their basement being 

Maybe they felt lonely locked away. 

What if your soul expanded across 7 dimensions and the whole galaxy?

Would you still argue that you are too small and too unsure and far too alone?

Would you still believe you weren’t worthy?

Maybe you could invite them upstairs. Take their hand. Ask them to come with you. Apologize for all the years you ignored them. Greet them like an old friend. Pour a cup of tea and offer a seat in the sun. Listen to what they have to say. Feel everything together. Stroke their head if they need it. They are yours to love. 


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