letters from my divine self pt 1

You will plant, water, and flower seeds that you cannot even fathom yet. Stay open to whatever comes your way, be curious and follow what resonates with you. Don’t be afraid of the many beautiful possibilities of life, even the “scary” ones can lead you to undiscovered expansion. Trust every moment, no matter what may be happening around you. Don’t give power to your worries or fears. Give power and love to the garden of blessings you’re tending inside and around you. Give light and love to others and the world will have no shortage of kindness for you. Let your fears live, hold them and comfort them and know that they come from a place of love. Look at them directly and they will dissipate back into love. Whatever light you shine, the world will reflect it. Trust your letting go process. You’re letting go of the life you thought you should have to make room for the wonderful, spontaneous life you deserve to have. You can create anything you want in your world. Every person you meet is a walking angel. Every part of you is worthy of love. Every part of you is worthy of being held and heard. Leave open space.


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