What I’m letting go of this full moon pt2


So the partial lunar eclipse came and went, cleansing and clearing and starting a process that will be ongoing for the rest of this month. Now is a time of system collapse. We’re descending into the darkness that comes before the light. Trust.

If any of what I’m saying resonates with you, I recommend checking out this blog: https://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com/blog

I’ve been reading their posts and following their meditations since the beginning of quarantine, and now have been following their six-week group call series, which has been incredibly illuminating. It’s donation based and pay what you can, which I think is really generous because the amount and quality of information is invaluable.

Where I’m going with this series (didn’t realize it would be a series but here we are) is what I’m feeling and releasing during this process, which may extend well past the actual timing of the full moon. But the full moon symbolizes to me a period of great energy, release and renewal. That can be a difficult process to go through. It’s not always pretty, it can be painful and raw and sometimes seem endless. But that brings me to another point, this is an excerpt of something I wrote in my journal this morning after meditating.

2. Letting go of this reality

I’m grateful that I can be in the world but not of the world. Awareness is the greatest gift of all. I’m letting everything go with love. Not falling into the current events with more pain and anger, but lifting them up and envisioning a world where peace and equality can reign for all.

What the worlds needs is love. Love for the duality especially. Because everything is made of divine energy, everything is love. Everything we create out of it is our choice. We have to honor and love what we’ve chosen and decide we don’t want to experience it anymore. We can create a world where racism doesn’t exist. We can create a world where injustice of any kind doesn’t exist. But we have to be ready to envision it. We have to commit to it with belief, love, joy and compassion.

And that starts with the individual. It starts with each of us. It starts with me. I’m committing myself to joy. Quiet joy. Respectful joy. A kind of joy that hums in the background like a radiator, constantly there and always reassuring. A kind of joy that no one has to question, because it’s a little secret with myself, knowing that everything is going to be fine.

In my meditation today, I was floating in an ocean of bliss. My hands and third eye were lighting up, and I felt the familiar tingle up my spine of energy. I lay in the warm waves, feeling so wrapped up in the hands of the universe, cradled in a bowl of liquid joy. Some swells came in the ocean from time to time, rocking me back and forth. But I always trusted and kept floating along, engulfed in peace.


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