So, I know the news is terrifying and riots and racism are plaguing the country. We should not ignore that. But if you’re ready to take a little break from fear and disaster, I have some news I’m really excited about!!

I just released my first single today!!! I made it with my brother in his bedroom studio during quarantine, and I’m so happy with how it turned out. Here’s a little blurb about the song and what it’s about:

The most random wonderful things come out of space and time to explore. My brother, Dain, is a producer and records music in his bedroom. One day he made a chord progression and a beat and showed it to me. I listened to it, started humming along, and a melody and story formed in my head. The song is about wanting something, but being afraid to ask for it. Being a bisexual woman, I grew up thinking I was only attracted to one gender, and casually ignoring my curiosity in the other. When I was 16 and started to realize I was attracted to women, I was confused because I always thought it had to be one or the other. “Bisexual” seemed like a made-up word, and people didn’t believe me because I had always outwardly been interested in men. Now, thankfully, there’s more bi awareness, and people are more open about expressing it. But when I first discovered my attraction to women, it felt like a whole new, excitingly terrifying world. I had no idea how to flirt with girls! Throughout history and culture, there seems to be a blueprint for how to act in heterosexual relationships, but no such thing is available for WLW (women loving women). That’s what I wanted to capture in this song, that sense of fluttery panic when you see a cute girl and your heart goes wild but you want to play it cool. That awkward “who makes the first move?” or “I really want to kiss her but I don’t know” mixed in with all the longing and touch starvation we feel in quarantine. I wanted to make a soft, sultry song for all the girls dreaming of tucking a stray hair behind their lover’s ear or moving into a cottage to focus on art and gardening. I think the beat also lends itself to soaking in the sun in a meadow, lighting a joint under some fairy lights, and stalking your crush’s Instagram feed. 


So if you’re interested and want to hear it, it’s available on all streaming platforms! I would appreciate it soo much if you could like, subscribe and most importantly SHARE! We want more LGBT representation in music and pop culture!

The song is called “I’ve Been Thinking” by Ilona Vaida

Here are a few links for Spotify/Soundcloud/Apple Music



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