Joy rushes into my body.

I feel the familiar tingle

Of energy electrifying my spine

Uncoiling from the base,

slithering up and tickling my nerves. 

I am exploding with light

It seems almost criminal

To feel this happy.


I’m sorry for the silence. To those of you who consistently read and like my posts, I appreciate you so much and you deserve more consistency from me. The ebb and flow of poetry is a difficult tide to keep track of, but other forms of art are always consuming my life. 

I’m about to “graduate” soon. Well, “graduate” because I guess I’m graduating? I kind of refuse to do it over zoom. I don’t know why, but it would just hurt more I think. But my family might be planning a backyard graduation ritual, which would be really cool. 

So most of this month I’ve been struggling to get my assessments done, record self-tapes, and writing last-minute essays. But I passed everything in on time! Right under the wire, I might add…And after I finished my assessments I moved in with my boyfriend in his family’s house, and have been stupidly happy ever since. Poetry is a bit trickier when you’re happy lol.

 Trying to process this change of going from student to graduate is strange, especially because everything feels so unfinished. I didn’t even pack up my own things, I had to hire a friend in Spain to do it and take my things to store at school. I remember when I was flying out of Barcelona, I told myself I would be back within a month, but a little part of me was like “Nah, girl”. And here we are. Frayed edges and a little (big) part of me aching for closure. It’s hard to say goodbye to everything when I didn’t even get a chance to. 

But if you’re interested in seeing one of my assessment self-tapes, the link is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chxhPhpMU8s

it’s from the musical Nine that we would have performed THIS WEEKEND, but instead, it’s set in the living room filmed on a phone camera. 

I am also very excited to announce that on May 29th, I’ll be releasing a SONG. My brother and I made it together, he produced it and I wrote the lyrics and sang. It’ll be on Spotify and other mainstream streaming platforms, and that in itself is really exciting!

Let me know if you want to keep hearing about my life and other random things, or just stick to poetry hahaha. Either way is fine 🙂


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