May 8th

All you have to do – 

Is walk away.

Forget what you know 

You can’t bring it with you.

When your body is rife with love 

And you creep out of the confines 

Of the prison you thought they built 

You may find 

That the door was always open.

Maybe we can drop hints 

Or drop the way we stare

At our bodies in the mirror 

Wishing for another.

To be smaller, more compact

Weaker, to shrink from the space 

We were born to fill.

We can bathe away 

With oils and lavender 

The old fear, the teeth

And claws and down turned faces.

We can let waves lap over our toes 

Bury ourselves in the sand of becoming 

Let the tide pull away 

Jumbled with seaweed and detritus 

These outlines and confines 

And masks of duality.

When light envelops

We fall deep into sleep 

Bask in the emptiness and space

Of this crowded body.

When the world is upside down 

And we wake to darkness in the skies 

This is how we know 

We’ve arrived.


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