April 3

Dear Sitges – 

Mi querida. 

Had I known, 

When my breath was passed

Through a paper mask

Gazing through the window

As darkness receded

The lights in my heart

Of my loving city.

Where every morning, noon, night

The sea greeted me

With calm calamity

Roaring waves

Crashing up walls

She always answered 

When I called.

Long walks down winding streets,

Laughter as we ran free

Full of joy and howling shrieks

Into the waiting arms

Of warm waves,

Youth rejoiced in summer’s haze.

Aching body washed away

When moonshine rose

Across the mountain range.

All the chance encounters,

All the wonderful synchronicity,

Every ounce of magic

Tucked inside these stones,

The home I found 

That was more 

Then I could have possibly known.

My heart aches

When memories blaze

Across my camera roll

The dramatic sunset

Stretching across the horizon

The smell of fresh salt

Sea breeze washing away

Any pain or doubt.

My soul found a home

And if I had known

I would have wept for days

As we fled

Watching it all fall away.


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