April 2

April 2

Little microbes invading the air, 

Paper towel commercials, 

Perfect, white teeth,

Watching people shaking hands

On television.

Drowning in a sea of blankets,

Never waking me up,

Let me drift into lofty oblivion

Angels whispering 

In shrill sounds.

Caressing an ankle,

My finger exploring your sock

On the front steps

Just to feel your skin,

Forbidden, forbidden touch

I’m not allowed

to let you in.

Drowning in a sea of noise,

Consuming vacancy

Numbing the senses

Falling deep down

Into commercial breaks

Paper towel spillage,


Microbes invading the air,

Itsy bitsy spiders

Climbing up too high

Just hold your breath,

The rain washed it all



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