Say goodbye to coffee, darling.

Say goodbye to bitter morning whispers 

And the warm comfort 

Of round mugs pressed into cold hands,

Steamy and bodied and bold,

However you like it.

Say goodbye to tingles of electricity 

Racing down your spine,

Autumn afternoons in caf├ęs 

Just Watching people pass by 

All in line praying 

To our saint caffeinated

We could never live without –

Say goodbye.

This is not a metaphor.

Say goodbye to water, darling.

Cool and crisp, the most delicious 

Wave to a drowning man

Soothing red and raspy throats 

Parched under the flaming sun,

Say goodbye to the liquid 

Of our arteries, churning stomach 

Washing through us 

Carrying away our toxins –

Say goodbye.

Watch the water creep towards us 

Turning brown and rotten

Inching up the shoreline 

Right up to your toes 

How else will you see 

How far it goes?


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