I Know You

I know you.
From the windswept night
under the stars
From so many times before
From 11:11
And 444.

You draw me to you
Like tides are drawn to the moon
And once you found me again
I could never forget
That I have loved you before
And I will love you again.

I placed my small hand on your heart
And felt it speaking,
I placed a magnet in your chest
To always bring you back
Time and time again.

Love wasn’t meant to be easy.
It defies what is possible and known.
It throws your fears on the floor
In front of the one you adore.

I was born for loving.
I don’t know how to go halfway.
But every form is different
And beautiful in its own way.

When I can feel you again
In your body’s soft rumble,
Not in empty air
Where my soul keeps reaching,
But you are always there.

You’re a part of me now
That I’ve found this piece
Of myself that lived outside
I’m glad we could finally meet.


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