I Can Change


So after this series of poems (aren’t you proud of me for actually consistently posting?!) I’m going to share with you my next little ventures.

Hopefully I can keep this up, but I posted a few videos on my tiny YouTube channel that has no subscribers (hint, hint help a girl out please xx). I’m just trying to find a way to share my work, because since I had an intense Reiki session and severed ties with my monsters (more on that later lol) I’ve been less afraid of sharing my creative voice. It’s actually quite a liberating feeling, after so many years of being ashamed of asking for attention or being seen, to finally have an actual desire to put myself out there without fear.

This is a song by Lake Street Dive, one of my all time favorite bands. I really love this song, because it’s honest about the pain of being held back by past experiences. I resonate with it in the sense of being constantly affected by the conditioning of a traumatic and abusive childhood that affects my sense of reality every day. I’m just trying to reprogram my mind, heal from those experiences, and ultimately change into a more loving and open person. It’s really not easy, and the poems I’ve shared with you have been a way of healing and processing all that.

Here is a little cover I did, spontaneously and imperfectly, with my brother playing the guitar.


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