Trust the process

There is no reason to be afraid.
Because you are not alone,
You are a part of a greater whole,
And you are bigger than the whole.

There is no reason to feel pain
Because any infliction by someone else
Is the pain you hurt yourself with
And the love lacked on your broken parts.

There is no reason to worry.
Because every particle moves seamlessly,
The flow is never broken
There are no mistakes or wrong turns.

There is only love.
Love that makes up your being
Carbon and tissue and stardust
And love that runs through veins.

There is only space.
Perfection in geometry,
The lines and veins of leaves
Like the stories etched on your skin.

Can’t you see it all connects?
In the mirror of your self
Are others and you but there is no other.
There is only us-
And everything.

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Lithuanian American based outside Barcelona studying Musical Theatre. I love poetry, travel, singing, dancing and acting and many other random things. Follow my messiness trying to make sense of all this nonsense.

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