Becoming (2/2)

In my dreams I am chased
By weak and crazy threats.
When I wake and then remember
I am the one
Who brings suspense.

My body aches from healing.
From playing with my mind
Wringing out the sponges
Cleaning what’s left behind.
I scrub, I rinse, I dry
And comfort lives in rhyme.

I don’t want to be
What I was yesterday.
I am what I am today.
Every whisper, every seed
I plant for the growing,
I wait with bated breath
For the buds emerging.

Every day is spring
In the land of eternal sun
Today clouds stalk the sky
Today I belong to no-one.
No one but myself,
I am my own creation,
I can grow past the ways
That you know and I
We are everything and nothing
We are source and we are sky.

Today they cannot touch me
I am wrapped and tucked away
The ones I fear will fear me
The ones who love me will stay.


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