I search for you
Under the cool stars of Saturday nights
Laughter in the waves
And the infinite cosmos
Of this vast universe
That shoved me in front of you.
You enchant me
Like the northern lights caught my eye
As a child on a frozen night
Standing on the deck of the ferry
Witnessing something
From another world.
The Aurora plays in the sky
The veil thin between our world and other.
Even then I knew
I may not see something so true again.
Even then I knew
When you called me lucky
That I was playing with veils
Trying to peek through
Into another galaxy.
You said God is all around us
We don’t deserve the miracles of sea and sky.
You showed me your pain
And I showed you mine
You knew me, I knew you.
Under the crisp, holy night
You pressed your soul against mine
And left me fighting for order.
Chaos and entropy
Fill your galaxy
And the destruction
My broken heart craves.
I am light with dark corners
Aching to fill you
For you to take mine.
You are a holy ghost
Popping in and out of existence
Taking me out of the world
Then leaving me in it
Bewildered and lost,
Trying to find my way home,
Trying to put myself in order,
Trying to forget you.
But I also knew
I wouldn’t see something
So true again.
Love can’t save people,
Love can’t change people,
Love can’t make love out of nothing.
Love can only crash into you
Like a destructive, terrifying force
Enchant you for a moment
And never be seen again.
Love can be witnessed
As the portal to another dimension
One we step across
Hand in hand
To ascend away
From the world we know.
But I still search for you
Around every dark corner and call
Your soul to mine.
But I can’t save you,
I can’t change you,
I could only love you.
If that were enough.


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