You said you were scared to love
To feel pain, to feel real.
To wrap yourself up in something
That could be too much.

He said his heart had grown over
With leaves and vines,
Burying it all
And he couldn’t clear them away.

He said I deserve better
Deserve someone who could love me
Even as he whispered that he wanted to.

We’ve all fallen in love before
With flesh and blood and pain
That now lingers like a ghost
Haunting our every move
Reminding us never
To hurt ourselves again.
We are terrified of the future
We are dragged by the past
We are anxious, we are broken
We tie strings around our fingers
And pull along behind us
The heavy, heavy weight
Of being alive
And feeling far too much.
I wish this world never hurt you,
I wish you never felt alone,
I wish you could accept the gifts
Being offered to you all along.


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