Pain lives in your bones, my love
You can’t wish it away
On the petals of flowers blown into the wind
Carried far into another land,
Because you want to hide away
From the gaping holes inside yourself.
The pain you carry
From before you knew
Where pain comes from
Before you even remembered.

Pain stains in your bones, my love
It can’t be washed, it can’t be scrubbed out
With miracle erasers
Like the blood from the sheets
Or the blood from the floor
Or the tape from the door.
The yellow tape
That mociute had to take down
Because of the nightmares
That haunt our waking dreams.

My love, the world may hurt you
You may be attacked
Before you learn how to stop it
Before you learn how to fight back.
You hurt for the moments
You let wash over you
And you had no control over.
You hurt for the ancient land
The birch trees
With skin so smooth and broken
The spots on pale white
The scars on the body
From fights that were not their own.

You may hurt from love being left
Too late
From love being hurled like daggers
From love that turned so far from love
That love itself has turned ghastly.
You may feel acidic
You may feel cramps
You may feel pressure
you may feel dead and alive
and too much
and too little
and too pained
and too weak
But at least
You can feel.


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