What if

So I have this idea

it may be a radical one

but hear me out –

What if…

you realized how incredible you are?

What if

you felt your full potential

unfurling like heavy, golden wings

and you were no longer afraid?

What if –

the world made you think

you are lesser than you are

because so much power

would topple the delicate framework

of a society fueled by holding us down?

What if

you were born to topple it?

What if

each and every being

looked in the mirror every day

and said:

“I love you. You are valuable.”

Would we live the same life?

Would we feel the same way?

Or would we shout and scream and fight

for our own worth

for our own dreams

for our own lives.

What if –

we could design

beautiful things

with the power of our minds?

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