The night

does not want

to surrender itself

to the day.

It lingers,

trapped in forgotten spaces,

soaking heavily

into old, familiar words.

The night

does not want

to move itself away

to let the sun take over here.

It waits, a distant memory

till you’ve forgotten

where it hides,

to jump out and greet you

too early and too late.

The night

enchants me

in the thick cover of darkness

where dreams are magic

and words tumble and fall

softly rolling like marbles

away under the sofa and countertop.

The night

embraces me

wraps me up in a quilt of sorrow

like the strong arms

of a lover you will lose

when the sun peeks through

and the world falls back in

with harsh, harsh light.

The night

makes light bend

when it shone in my eyes

you saw every speck

of every question

asking, begging, searching.

I counted the bricks

of the stone building’s facade

waiting for you to love me.

The night

can seem eternal

when you’re waiting for it to leave

palms becoming eyes

when you’re searching so hard

to see.

The night

must always surrender

because it cannot stay.

It pauses gently leaving

with a kiss goodbye to say

“I’ll see you soon,

don’t you dare forget me”

but shadows cannot creep

where light won’t let them get me.

The daybreak always saves me

from the clutch of night’s sensation

I kiss the sun for warming

all the cold, forgotten spaces.


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