Self care for the Workaholic


I apologize for my disastrous disorganization and inability to keep anything going consistently. I’m trying my best haha

Things have been impossibly busy lately. University has been more demanding than I’ve ever experienced in my whole life. Every week we have assessments, performances, a TV performance (on National Spanish TV woohoo!) and have classes and rehearsals 12 hours a day, almost every day of the week. On Saturdays I spend most of the day in school anyway, practicing in the studio or working on a research project of translating Poetry into Physical theatre. I can share our performance of it on here if any of you happen to be interested.

So because of this I basically have no life. I have barely enough time to see friends, let alone go out and have fun or even relax. Last weekend I spent 10 hours straight memorizing lines. Then cooking and doing laundry that I have no time to do during the week. I’m not sure how I’m surviving this, but I find myself pleasantly exhausted at the end of the week. Or haggard. Somewhere in between. But I’m a person who loves to work, who loves to be constantly doing things, learning, and creating. And I feel satisfied and overwhelmed with all this. I’m also learning about small ways to slip in a little bit of self care when (or hopefully before) I reach the peak of exhaustion and irritation. Taking care of myself is essential to my self love, motivation and inspiration in what I’m doing. I’ve been working hard on trying to love myself, and it’s been proving difficult.

Little things I love to do that help me get through grueling work days:

Meditating is essential in the morning.

Walking by sea before school, seeing the sun rising over the sparkling waves. It helps me be grateful for where I am and what I’m doing.

Eating good, healthy foods that energize me.


Telling myself I’m excited and full of energy!! Even when I’m not.

The mantra: I’m not nervous I’m excited! I repeat it obsessively before going on stage.

If I have a break between classes heading back down to the sea and sitting on the rocks. Helps me disconnect from school stress for a moment.

Stretching and yoga. Or running. Moving about and releasing trapped anxiety.

Curling up in bed watching Netflix and snacking (I’m not proud of this but sometimes you just need it)

Treating myself to long, luxurious sleep. Sometimes even 12 hours.

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