Montjuïc and solo travel

So, today I had a little spontaneous adventure. Well, it wasn’t quite spontaneous because it was planned but it didn’t go according to plan (like most things in life). My friends and I were supposed to travel to Montserrat, a monastery in the mountains about two hours outside of Barcelona. But people flaked, plans fell through, and I was the only one left. I felt such a strong urge to get out of town I couldn’t resist it! So I was like “fine, you guys are lame, I’m going” and took off in the afternoon determined to get to Montserrat and have my little spiritual experience or whatever I was seeking. By the time I got to Barcelona and was going to buy a ticket to Montserrat, the ticket guy said it was too late in the day and I shouldn’t go and I said “fine, ok, where should I go then?” And he said to go to Montjuïc, which is a castle on a mountain near Placa Espanya. So I walked up many flights of stairs, up the mountain, to the beautiful ancient castle. It was a warm sunny day, there was a Spanish guitarist playing nearby and I soaked up the beautiful view of the city and mountain.

After that, I wandered further up the mountain and found myself at a Botanical garden that I had no idea existed. The entrance was free today, what a lovely coincidence. I spent hours wandering around the garden, which showcased all different Mediterranean plants based on location. It was separated into places, like Australia and Chile and North and South Africa. It was absolutely beautiful and peaceful, to be walking alone through the trees and plants. Nothing but the sounds of leaves and wind, the smell of lavender and pine and green and blue surrounding me.

I kept walking, discovering ancient stone walls covered in vines, archways and hidden paths, and enjoyed the majestic setting sun from the mountain.

It was truly one of the most refreshing, wholesome and beautiful experiences I’ve had. And if I hadn’t decided to just go by myself it never would’ve happened. Solo adventures are sometimes the best, and you can’t keep waiting for people to do the things you want to do.

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