Pretty Funny

Pretty Funny – Dogfight

This is a video from the last night of term. I had a fever, runny nose, and sore throat but when the show began it all went away. These past few months have been incredibly difficult, wonderfully eye-opening and full of painful and exponential growth. Through navigating the world alone in a foreign country, managing 12 hour days, endless illnesses and trying to stay sane it’s been quite a handful. But what I love most about this year, and what I do, is the work. I love to go in depth on analysis, practical skills, theory, and exploration. It excites me to the degree where I can’t fall asleep at night because songs are buzzing around my brain, or my mind is whirring with new ideas brought up by my professors. I love to throw myself into these things, and it nourishes me through all the pain and stress. Now, having had a few days to process, I can see that this is what I love, what I’ve always loved, and what I will always love. Learning, working, performing. But most importantly, I want to do it my own way. Through creation, vulnerability, and honesty. I want to make and perform, I want to adventure and think and enjoy all the deliciousness of life. And all of it is a work in progress, so I thought I might just share where I am now on this journey. 


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