The cover proudly states
“100% Post Consumer Waste”
showing the environmentally conscious
that I’m on their team.
Because of the
100% SOY INK
shadows of scribbles
bleed from their rightful place
onto the next page.
In pink, blue, purple and red
my acting reflections
phonetic technique and accent work
songs written in monologues
picked apart for inner worlds,
Revelations, realizations,
plans and dreams
messily thrown across
the stained and crumbling pages.
My yellow notebook was caught in the rain
inside my yellow backpack
when the monsoons hit Spain
and the walk to Uni was
Fording rivers,
leaping from stone to stone
across surges of powerful, dirty water
she got a bit wet.
Half the pages are wavy now
stiff and messy and vague
with shadows of colorful cursive letters
in pink, blue, purple and red
smudged into undecipherable runes.
The analysis of Disney Princesses’
vocal techniques
can only be guessed in their technicalities,
the once bright cover
with sitting birds on a branch
has grown grungy and dark
with coffee stains and raindrops.
The rings are chipped
and paper peels back
but not so long ago she was new
excited for the days to come
to be filled with life
and life has filled her up.


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