Illness and Dancing in the street


Today in sunny Spain, I’m happy to finally be on my feet and living life again. I’ve had a throat infection and been stuck in bed for the past week. Which I picked up on a night out in Razzmatazz, the first night of our week off from classes. And spent my entire time off in bed with a fever, it’s been great. The only upside I can think of for this is that I got a lot of rest (more than I wanted, I hate doing nothing) and I have an appreciation for actually being able to get up and walk around and rejoin the world again. On Saturday night, when all the world was partying and having fun, my friend and I ran around Sitges playing the ukulele and singing loudly. Under the influence of nothing! We painted and had a deep chat, we wandered into a cheese festival and danced with abandon to the DJ (who was quite good) and made up silly songs on the ukulele. All of which was as much fun, if not more, as going out and partying. High on life. Who’d have thought. I have to admit, I can be quite the party girl. And my expectation for Halloween was not being stuck in bed watching Sense 8. But such is life. And maybe in the wake of this unfortunate event I can take away some appreciation of nights in and sobriety in college.

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