A poem for Vilnius

Dear Vilnius,

The dusk gathers softly

on the domes and spires

of the ancient city

tucked in the pockets of hills.

The castle in the distance

watches over and protects

where the iron wolf used to howl through the night

for the dreams of the people

who believed in legends.

The ones who worship the sun, moon and stars,

name their children after trees,

who’ve been conquered and been conquerors,

who sang their way to freedom.

The summer sun never sets

on the cobblestone streets

with stone angels peering down

where wishes are made

on golden archways.

In ancient songs

of love and loss

of quiet countryside

and shy spring smiles.

Miela Lietuva,

(Dear Lithuania)

atsiprašau kad aš vis tavęs pamirštu.

(I’m sorry I always forget you)

Pamirštu kad esi manyje

(I forget you are inside of me)

ir aš dalis tavęs.

(as I am a part of you)

Man reikia eiti savo keliu

(I have to go my way)

su tavo vardu širdyje.

(with your name in my heart)

Gerbti tavo praeities

(respect your past)

kuris išvis yra mano.

(that in the end is mine)

Man duoda stiprybės ir ramybės

(It gives me strength and peace)

mano kraujas didysis

(this blood)

niekados nebūsiu kitokia.

(I will never be another)

Tave galiu mylėti

(I can love you)

asmenišku būdu

(In my own way)

Mes išsiskleidžiam po visą pasaulį

(We spread across the world)

šitos salies ateitis

(this country’s future)

padarysim gero iš ko mums davėt

(We’ll do good out of what you gave us)

bet eisim savo kryptim

(but we’ll go our own way)


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