Montreal and Birthdays

So last week I turned a year older! And as per tradition my boyfriend and I (who has the same birthday) took a little trip. We went to Montreal, which is conveniently a 5 hour drive from Portland but it feels like a completely different world.

but anyways

We arrived in Montreal on Thursday afternoon after a lovely drive through the White Mountains. We were straight up SHOOK to see our Airbnb, which was the nicest place I’ve EVER stayed in. My boyfriend’s moms got us the room as a birthday gift. It was right in the middle of Old Town with windows to the street. The place was so nice we were temped to spend all our time there, especially in the jacuzzi.

After exploring the old town and other parts of the city, we got some delicious cheap food in Chinatown (combo meals man) and decided that we don’t like sakke. After our legal wine in the jacuzzi I passed right out.

The next morning (the day of the birthday) we had brunch and fresh-squeezed mimosas (god bless) at Eggspectations, this Canadian chain, and set off to explore more of the city. Montreal loves their public art! There were so many murals and art installations on the street, it was lovely to see… We also walked down the entire Boulevard Saint-Laurent that was transformed into a public art festival, with artists set up inside little containers and small galleries along the way. After that we ziplined over Montreal and went to see a water projection show for the 350th anniversary of the city. It showed the history of Montreal projected on to fountains and stacked shipping containers and it was absolutely incredible.

Then came the best part of our entire trip: the fancy ass dinner.

So we got dressed up and went to a very discreetly marked restaurant called Le Club Chasse et Peche where we had the most incredible meal of our lives. The scallops made us cry and the staff was so fun and fancy all at the same time and kept doing birthday shots with us. I discovered a love for martinis. By the end of the night we were blissfully full of good food and good wine. There was a beautiful french woman at the table next to us who looked like she was having dinner with a much older man, but then she told us she just turned 50! I was shocked, I could’ve sworn she was 20!! I asked what her secret is and she said “wine, laughter and love”. Amen to that.

The next day we had some poutine and immediately after dragged ourselves up Mount Royal (well, I was dragged) for the view. Then we checked out the botanical gardens which were amazing, especially the bonsai trees. And then did the 5 hour drive back home 😦

A little weekend of culture and rest was MUCH NEEDED and set a lovely tone for a new year. It was a birthday full of elegance, beauty and fun and I hope that’s what my life will continue to be like.

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