A note to self

Hello hello

Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past week, I haven’t felt like myself at all and didn’t have anything to write about. I’ve had little motivation or creativity. Usually I’m a powerhouse of productivity and fitness and new ideas but this past week I’ve been lazy and tired, dodging my workout routines and preferring to sleep in during precious morning time. I blame Mercury in Retrograde, or the full moon, or the fact that this has been an extremely difficult summer and I’m about to head off to a bright and unimaginable future.

but I was able to muster up a little poem for you…


learn how to be with yourself

to inhale and exhale

learn how to sit in silence

and feel the comfort of solitude

without the panicked illusion of loneliness.

in a room crowded with people

even the closest friends,

one can still feel the disconnect.

Let the fear wash over you

along with the joy

take each moment as it comes

every morning look in the mirror

and say “I love you”

don’t fight your beautiful mind

or shame your perfect body

come home to yourself

you are your only home



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