Tiny Notebook Art + Poetry + Gluten Intolerance?


My tiny notebook is unfortunately close to the end of it’s life, and has about 1 post left worth of drawing space after this. But fret not, because more Tiny Notebooks will be created, even if they’re a little less tiny.

I had a kind of scary incident today, where my stomach started hurting so badly at work I almost fainted. It was a bit of a wake up call, because last night I had eaten gluten after avoiding it a bit for the past week. And I’ve started thinking that maybe the reason I get so many stomach aches and feel so bleh all the time could do with gluten sensitivity. My oldest brother has Celiac disease, so it’s very possible that I might have the same thing. Both of my brothers don’t eat any sugar and gluten, and they said they’re bodies started really needing that around the age I am now. It’s strange, because most of my life I didn’t really care, but maybe I was feeling badly and didn’t even know the cause. But to test if I’m gluten allergic, I’m going gluten free and sugar free for the next two weeks and then possibly extending it to a month. I’m nervous and excited and not really sure I’m strong enough to do this??? So wish me luck please, and I’ll be sure to keep you all updated.

And without further ado, the loooong put off Tiny Notebook Art + Poetry round 3

the homeless woman lying on the ground on the rue in front of the glittering stores and beautiful people she didn’t care. her arm was outstretched a cup in her hand she lay in the middle of the sidewalk her crumpled body searching only for rest the beautiful people walked around her
bubble woman you may never pop them all she waits for you to reach her through her soapy walls. but what you may not know her bubbles are of glass each one you may pop shatters in your grasp
young girl follow the moon she changes and so do you don’t worry

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