Full Moon Blues?

My monthly horoscope told me that the strawberry moon would bring up a lot of emotions and turmoil. Not to mention I graduated from high school and adulthood looms over me like a cloud of shattered expectations. It’s been a pretty stressful time, including conflicts in my personal life, and  I’ve started working full time 7 days a week to pay for living in Spain. So for this reason I’ve been feeling pretty negative lately and in a time crunch so I couldn’t really think of a helpful or inspiring thing to write about. Maybe once I figure out how to live a happy and balanced life amidst this chaos and lack of time, I’ll let you know. Until then, enjoy this angsty poem:

I remember when time didn’t move so painfully slowly

and everything was not so difficult.

Will things ever be easy?

Or could it be that they never were?

Every day I’m chased

by time, by crazy demons, by my own expectations.

I have an urge to burrow deep, deep into the Earth.

I blame the moon

in her pregnant strawberry glory

for her gravitational strength

that is pulling me away from the ground.

when the world is in turmoil around me

and sandstorm specks are blinding and nipping at my cheeks,

I can hide in my shelter of self;

strength, determination, resilience.

But when the sand creeps through cracks

under window panes and floorboards

to the center of the floor

and the air is no longer pure

that is when there’s trouble

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