Tiny Notebook Art!


it’s been a while since I’ve posted because my computer totally broke down (rip) but thank god she’s back on her feet. I’ve been trying to categorize or decide what kind of stuff I want to write about on this blog, but I am the most fleeting interest person and become extremely invested in things then drop them after a while. Hmm…. for example, throughout middle school I was obsessed with CROCHETING. Who’d have known.

Anyways, I started a new job a couple weeks ago in a call center. Basically all I do for four hours a day is call random people in Alabama and ask them to fill out a survey and (surprise!) they rarely actually do. So, as you may have guessed, this job is not extremely stimulating, and I quickly found myself getting bored and antsy and sleeping between calls. Instead though, I pulled out this tiny notebook I had acquired a couple weeks ago that was so perfect and aesthetic and pocket sized I had regretted not finding a suitable purpose for.


I started doodling absentmindedly and found that the long hours at the call center started going by MUCH quicker. The action of filling in negative space and creating tiny repetitive patterns stimulated my mind and creativity in an otherwise mind-numbing setting. And I found that I was able to do better at my job, because I would dial numbers quicker than I would normally just to be able to get back to my drawing.

My survey completes started going up, but this is pure luck and not skill I would think. Most of all the process of being just a little bit creative during work made me actually look forward to going. The windowless call center became a little more appealing.

A couple months ago for my senior expedition (an independent research project that is part of the senior year curriculum at my school) I did mine on expressive arts therapy and the process of engaging in the arts for therapeutic purposes. There is concrete proof that the process of creating does amazing things for the brain, and as a part of my expedition I urged people to start engaging in more creative activities for their own benefit. Unfortunately, that’s a bit hypocritical of me because I’m so extremely busy all the time I often forget to follow my own advice. But I am very glad I found a tiny, albeit non traditional way to find time to make some art.

and I’m sharing a couple with you here



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