Why I’m Moving to Spain


so this is my first post and I thought I would tell you a little bit about why I started this blog. This past February, I saved all my money from my part time job and scraped together enough to take a two week long trip through Europe with my boyfriend. That was an incredible, eye-opening experience for me that emphasized even more the need today for us as humans to experience the rest of the world and open our eyes to other cultures. We went to a party on a subway, ate crepes at 3am and met many amazing people and developed many blisters,

The whole purpose of this trip was for me to audition at a University in Sitges, Spain, the Institute of the Arts Barcelona. This University had always been one of my top choices, mainly because of the amazing location and the fact that they had an English musical theater program abroad. And when I arrived at the University for my audition, I instantly fell in love and felt like this was undoubtedly the place for me. The night after my audition, unbeknownst to us completely, also happened to be the opening ceremony of Carnaval. As we were dazzled by the huge elaborate dance numbers, confetti and fireworks flying around us, and townspeople happily dancing in the streets, I knew the birthplace of Bacardi was also the place for me. A fabulous gay capital with extremely cheap pastries and beautiful beaches. I could not survive without the beach.

So after we (begrudgingly) returned home. Well, I actually cried when we had to. I was bitter, it was a mess. I anxiously waited to hear back from my beloved Institute about whether or not I was accepted to the BA Musical Theater program. I remember the exact moment, I was standing in the stall of my school bathroom lazily scrolling through my emails when I saw it. I started screeching and jumping up and down and acting completely insane but it didn’t matter because I was GOING TO SPAIN! And this I knew with my entire heart and brain and every driven, ambitious cell in my body. Whatever I had to do, I was gonna get there.

And this is how I ended up, planning to move to Spain in a few short months. I have incredible amounts of questions, fears, concerns that I may not have answers for. This is why I wanted to create this blog, to find out these answers and share them with whoever might be in a similar position as me in the future. And life is still dreadfully complicated, hectic and stressful, and many things still need to be sorted out, but I know that I’m going to be living my best life. I’m going to travel every spare moment I can, and learn amazing and difficult lessons along the way. And I’m incredibly excited.

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